How to unblock youtube at school | youtube unblocked at school

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How to unblock youtube at school

Welcome, guys once again at youtube unblocked. You have searched previously for the how to unblock youtube at school. To unblock Youtube videos this searching term has a huge amount of searches in Google and also in other searching engines. Since the youtube is very demanding and popular site among people , So that’s the reasons behind this search query.
Youtube is the popular website to watch online videos . It is broadly used for the education purpose because it provides us a free youtube video tutorial as well as youtube teacher lectures. As I have already discussed youtube that it is a world’s no. 1 streaming site for watching online videos. It provides latest and useful videos to all of us . So, this website ‘youtube’ is liked by the people so much to watch online videos.

But , approximately all people facing some issue regarding the youtube. It generally blocked in school , in many cases , it is also blocked at collages. Then , we saw ourselves in  a different situation that how to watch youtube when it blocks.

                                                         According to my views , we are in the problem because youtube is not used just for a purpose of entertainment , it is also beneficial in a sector of business and for educational purpose . Student needs to watch the videos related to their courses as well as tutorial videos and some more project videos on youtube.

How to get on youtube at school when it's blocked 

So , there’s the question how to manage us to watch youtube when it is unblocked at school. So, in my previous post , I have discussed youtube unblocker for youtube unblocked videos. In my school days , I have used all the unblocker for watching blocked movies on youtube. I also faced many problems while doing this because youtube is totally banned at my school.

Therefore , I hadn’t any ways to unblock youtube videos it but after researching over  the net on it. I have found some way to get out of this situation  during researching , I have listened to the name of some youtube video unblocker and also about youtube proxy to unblock the videos.

How To Unblock Youtube At School

So, right now  will provide you the different way to unblock youtube at school.

Unblock Youtube Using Youtube Proxy

Now I am going to provide you here some ideas that how to unblock youtube at your school by changing your computer proxy . This is a quite simple method to unblock youtube videos. Every computer has their own IP ( internet protocol ) .
So , each computer is also assigned with a proxy , which denotes their location country and also ISP to the internet. By changing the proxy you can simply browse the videos on youtube which are blocked .
1.       A proxy server is needed by you. From the internet, you can get any free proxy
2.       Now , access youtube in a browser in which you want to assess it.

For Google chrome

1.       Go to the setting  >  show advanced setting  > change proxy setting.
2.       In connection tab , then click on ‘lan’.
3.       Now , from the following snapshot , you can fill the proxy , and it port enter 8080 .
4.       Then after click ok.

For Mozilla firefox

1.       For Mozilla Firefox . Go to the options > Advance > Connection > Setting .
2.       After that, you will get the screen , where you need to input proxy and port.
3.       Input proxy and then after port the number . 8080 , then click ok.
So , here you are alone with a proxy . Now,  you  are able to enjoy the  youtube videos.

Youtube Unblocked Using 'Tor' Browser.

It is one of the easiest and most efficient way to manage youtube unblocked. It is true that tor browser uses the proxy which is different and different nodes to access a single web page . It uses new nodes , each time , a new proxy to open a new website .

According to my expectation , you are thinking that how you can unblock youtube at school using tor browser. So  , don’t worry my dear friends I am here to clear out your all doubt it .
If you have downloaded the tor browser already then you don’t need to download it.

But if you haven’t then you can download it from this link : / download/ downloaded .

 Then after downloading , you simply have to install it on your computer. If you are using mobile as android then you would be able to download it on Google play store :- Tor browser for android with the proxy .

When the process of installation completed you can simply enter in URL . then after you will have the assets of youtube. Finally , you have managed to unblocked youtube at school easily .

Youtube unblock using Google translator . 

You can also proceed this method to unblock youtube anywhere whether you are in college or school , It doesn’t matter . you have already known of the Google translator , but still , I will make sure of it by making you understand about it by saying some few words about that ‘ Google translator’ .

It simply translates  the word from one language to other. For eg  :- English to Spanish etc. there are many more languages for which we can use it.

So , the question arising in your mind that how you are able to unblock youtube at school by using Google translator. For this you have to follow some steps :-

1.       Open the google translator in your web browser.Click Here

2.       After you opened if , you will the two input area boxes.
3.       At first, you should choose the languages of other countries in both the input box.
4.       In the first input box , input “” .
5.       A link to youtube will be automatically generated in another box. You can see the figure.
6.       Now , click on the link to youtube.
7.       So, here youtube is unblocked at school.

So , it a very simple method to unblock youtube without using the proxy. It’s main advantage is that doesn't require any downloading , and also not require any proxy. And also without changing any setting you can simply manage to unblock the youtube.

Wrapped up 

I am very thankful to you for being on this post . it’s my pleasure to share some steps with you that how you will manage yourself to unblock youtube at school . by using any of the above methods you can simply able to unblock youtube at school .  And able to watch restricted videos. You can also do it in your office.
Still , if you have some problem regarding youtube blocked , then you will make me known of it by commenting in  the comment section . I will try my best to short out your every problem , regarding this unblock youtube . If you like this post then don’t forget to share it on your social media Like Facebook , Twitter , Or Google Plus with your friends . That’s if from me. Thanks for being with me  .


Unblock | Review - Is It The Best unblock youtube website?

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Review - Is It The Best unblock youtube website?

Hello, guys welcome to youtube unblocked once again . so, if you have read my earlier posts. Then you will have considered that I have covered many topics reading how to unblock youtube.
Previously , we have discussed how to manage unblocked videos Unblocked Youtube at school, office or anywhere. We have also discussed some of the unblock youtube website in that method.

Now I am going to provide a complete review on unblock youtube .com
Each and every small thing you will find in my review . I have also provided the tutorial on ‘How to unblock youtube’ in this post. 

What is unblock youtube ?

Let us discuss ‘what is unblock youtube’ ? we have already known that is the online youtube unblocker. Where you find yourself in ease to unblock youtube.

Features of unblock youtube ?

So , here I am going to give you some features if the unblock youtube . you will see that I have listed each and every feature.

UI (User Interface)

It is a very easy and simple website . It is the very interactive site. Here you can unblock youtube at the single click. Here , you will see an input URL box where you can input URL easily, and then through the proxy, you can unblock that site.

Other features :-

You can also unblock facebook , twitter unblocked and unblocked myspace. So ,find yourself in ease situation to unblock all these famous websites.
So , from now I will not take your time and let’s start the tutorial how to unblock youtube by  using
It is a website which is secure and fast to unblock youtube. So, without any hesitation, you can go to this website.

How to unblock youtube ? 

Now I will provide you a complete tutorial that how you can unblock youtube videos? This is a very simple tutorial through which you could unblock youtube. Using youtube unblocker .
So to unblock the videos of youtube , follow the following step the given below:-

1.       Go to
2.       Now scroll down you will find an input URL  box.
Unblock youtube.

3.       In this input box , you should write
4.       Now , click on go.
So , finally you have unblocked youtube and that’s the end of the tutorials. I  hope you understand that how you could unblock youtube by using  unblock youtube Website.

Is it the best unblock youtube website .

So , here the question is that  ‘is the unblock is best to unblock youtube website’?
So here I have tried to provide you each and every feature. Now , you can decide it by yourself . if is the best or not ?
According to me, it is the finest youtube unblocker .

Final words 

Thanks , for reading my posts and being it about review here , I have tried my level best to provide you each and every feature of the youtube unblock.
 I have also provided you a tutorial to how to unblock youtube . Hope you have liked it , so you share this post on social media and if you have any doubt you can comment in section.



How youtube unblocked at school | unblock youtube for school

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 How to youtube unblocked at school :-

Hello, guys , I am here to start some steps with you that how you would short out this issue ‘Youtube unblocked  at school’. Before this , mean to say in my previous post I have already discussed it. It’s my pleasure that you have read it and liked it .
So here I will make you understand the steps which I have followed to unblocked youtube at school , collages , and offices.
Whatever you are the regular reader or not , I don’t know but if you are then you surely understand that I am a student . I live in my school’s hostel where my school authority has blocked the youtube channels. That’s why I am in a very big frustrate situation . It doesn’t allow me to watch videos on youtube in school’s hostel.
That’s why I have tried my level hard on many steps and at last, I had found a very exciting  way to unblock youtube at school.


We have already  discussed about youtube that ‘what is if’ ? Its just simply an awesome site for you, if you want to watch online videos. ‘Google’  has owned it . It provides us a great experience on watching videos online. It is the very good resource for the tutorial, study, and entertainments.

Why youtube blocked at school ?

  Our school authority has blocked youtube at our school . But the main fact is that ‘what’s the reasons behind it’ ? There  may be many reasons , School’s administration wanted that our students should not waste their times on the extra activities, they have to be sincere about their studies.
And it  not totally wrong , many of students waste their times on youtube by watching unnecessary videos. But a part of it , if is also beneficial .

youtube unblocked at school

So , here I am going to provide you some methods that how you could unblock youtube at school.

1.       Youtube unblocker

This method is very effective . by using it , I was able to watch youtube online videos at my school's hostel. It is a youtube unblocker , so it helps to unblock youtube videos. Youtube unblocker are available on the internet in descent amount .  I have listed about some of the youtube unblockers in my posts.
I also watched blocked youtube videos by using unblock youtube. If you want you can use this unblocker website. Follow these steps to unblocked youtube at school :-
1.       Go to
2.       You will see an input URL box.
3.       In input URL box , type and then click enter.
So , these are the simple three steps through which you could unblock  youtube.

Final words

I am thankful to you for reading this post on unblocked youtube at my school. Hope, I have worked on it nicely and make you understand it easily to fulfill your satisfaction .
And one more thing , I haven’t used any rocket science to unblock youtube at my school. It was just a research on the internet by me. And then after I did it . So , according to my expectation, you can also do it now.
So , dear friends if you are really liked this post then don’t forget to share it on social media with your friends. Apart , of problems or any doubt about this post you can simply comment below. I will give my best to clear your doubt.

[ FIX ] | This video is not available in your country

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“This video is not available in your country”.

“This video is not available in your country" Today it is a very useful error in youtube. Hence , now I am going to give you 'solution in this post for this video is not available in your country’. I had suddenly opened a video in youtube but there was a youtube error showing that ‘ This video is not available in your country of youtube’.
 Those people who were seeing this post seem to be facing some kind of problem as I am. It is really frustrating for all of us. So , here I am  ‘youtube unblocked’, going or try whatever you say to give the solution for this error.

              This video is not available in your country.

But before I give you the solution , let’s discuss some fact of youtube. Whenever you want to open the internet , your mind firstly gives you answer Which is ‘google’. And if you want to search any videos online , you always search it on youtube. Because we all know that the youtube is such a more comfort thing for this purpose.

Table of contents

1.Why is This Video Not Available in My Country ?

2.How to Fix This Video is Not Available in Your Country error?

3.Extension & Add-ons

   3.1 For Windows (Chrome & FireFox)

   3.2 For Mac

   3.2 For Android

4.YouTube Unblocker

5. Google Translator

6. YouTube Proxy

7.Wrapped up  

1. Why is this video not available in my country ?

Here  youtube  is able to know the reasons that why this problem ‘this video is blocked in my country' occurs. Now according to my views, there are lots of reasons. Because this would not happen for just a two or three reasons. It will happen  sometimes that government has same policy for web contents , these contents focused  everything on the internet. Your country’s  government , sometimes they don't want to give you  the view of some videos. If you are going to open these types of videos then it will surely take you off. For copyright claim, sometimes video’s is not available.

The Isp is also an issue for this problem. This issue will regard the policy and the country. There are some other reasons also like you say the ‘videos Uploader’ does not make ‘this video available in your country’.  

That’s it I think you are now fully get informed about  the reasons for this problem. Let us discuss the tactics through which we will learn how to fix or correct this error .

2. How to fix this video is not available in your country.
First of all, I have corrected this error for one of the youtube videos. But later on , I fixed many videos which seem to be in this error   (“This video is not available in your country”).
In the various section for various devices, I have divided this guide.

3. Extension and  Add- Ons

Extensions and add – Ons are the way through which you can ‘ Unblock Youtube videos in your country’. It will be surely known by all of you that there are many free as the web as premium extensions are available all over the internet. So, I have listed few extensions for correcting this problem : -

(1.)   Browsec  VPN

This is a type of software that is used to unblock a site , changing the proxy and browse the internet from foreign side countries . It’s a good extension for correcting this youtube  error . It Is very widely available for some browsing apps like  Chrome , Firefox as well as for the IOS’.

(2.)    HOLA

(3.)     Zenmate

These extensions do not depend on any type of platform. This simply means that these extensions are for every single operating system as well as the browser. So, you don’t need to be the worry if you are using any operating system or browsing app.

(3.1)  Fix this video is not available in your country windows.

At first, I would like to say that if you are using chrome over windows then you are in the right section. Now , here we discuss that how we will install an extension on chrome then after will learn how to fix this problem ‘ This video is not available in your country’. This extension will likely to be work for the windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10. So keep patience there is no need to be the worry . 

we will proceed further with the browsec extension because it’s easy to use.

“This video is not available in your country chrome extension”.

For chrome , these are following steps to fix the problems : -
1.   Go to google chrome web store. click here

2.   You will get the screen shown below 
3.  At the left corner on the top , firstly make sure you are at extension tab , then in search box type any extension home , Here I am proceeding with ‘browsec’ now ,click enter.
4.  Now , you get the result of all extensions and apps you have listed. Then you will see ‘Browsec extension’ then click to ‘add to chrome’.  
                                      5.   Checking on add to Chrome, then after one pop-up will appear, then click add extension.

6.   Then in next moment, the downloading extension will be started, then wait till download comes to complete the level. Then after it will automatic add to Chrome. To be confirmed ,you can see at the top right corner.
So, here we are completing the successful download of extension in chrome.

## How to Bypass this video is not available in your country:-

For watching the videos on youtube which are not available , Now  we should enable the browsec extension.

So follow these steps: -

1.  At the right corner on top , you will see Browsec Extensions in Chrome.
2.  Click on that icon and wait for a little moment ,you will get the following screen which shown below.

3.  Then after , click on protect me.

4.  Now, you will be able to watch those videos which were blocked.

5.  If still you are not able to watch the video, the you should change the locater on. ‘Click on change located on . click on change locations’.

Note: - Be   sure that you don’t have to choose your country. Choose any other one , because that  video is not available for your country.
Now you can go to watch that video on the youtube you will open that video very easily without any obstacles .
If again you are facing any tube of problem or issues any type of problem or issues the please comment in below section.

This video is not available in your country  for  Firefox. 

Now if you are going to surf with the browsing app Firefox and you are facing the error “this video is not available in your country” then you have to follow these below  steps to get out of these problems to correct your issue :-
1.   At first , Go to the Firefox add – Ons store. Click here.
2.   Then in the search input box , type ‘Browsec VPN’ and enter.
3.   Then after you should add these add-ons in your Firefox.
4.   You have to enable this add-on, by clicking on the icon at the top right corner.
5.   If there is the need to change the location then you can change it also.
So here that’s it for the issue. You have fixed this issue ‘This video is not available in your country’ successfully.

## 3.2. fix the video not available in your country for mac .

Mac is simply an operating system, so you can follow the some steps which you have to follow for the above problems. But this is going to be correct if you are using chrome browser in MAC.
Rest after it is that you have to follow these steps:-
1.              Go to iTunes store. click here
2.              Now you have to search for ‘Browsec’.
3.              After that, you have to download it on your safari.
4.              Now you can enable it and also proceed to change the location . that’s done for you.
From this above procedure, you will find yourself comfort to watch any you tube videos. with any problems.

3.3 Fix this video is not available in your country for the android version.

As I have said you can follow the same above procedure in android also to watch the videos which are on this issue which is ‘This video is not available in your country for android’. You need the browsec extension in chrome browser, so you have to download it.
Just follow the 3.1 guide to unblock youtube videos. If you are on firefox , then you are also able toad browsec add-on in firefox for android.

# youtube unblocker for unblocked  blocked videos. 

You could simply solve this issue ‘this video is not available in your country’ by using youtube unblocker

#5  Google translator restricted videos.

This video is not available in your country’.you could be able to do this by google translator also. I know you have some doubt about it that, ‘how it will happen’?, but don’t worry my friends. I am here to clear out  your doubt, it will be my honor.
But before I start , I want to tell you about the ‘Google translator’. It is simply used to translating the word and sentences from one language to other. But, in nowdays we are also able to use this for fixing the problem ‘this video is not available in your country.’

And for this you have to follow these steps:

1.  Go to the Google translator. click here

2.  There you will get two input box. At first, write down the URL of blocked video in the first box as shown below in this pic:

3.  On other side choose the language of any other country.
4.  Then after click on translated link.
5.  Now you are able to watch those videos which are not available in your country.
After this, you are able to watch all restricted videos of you tube in your  country.
That’s it my friends from me . I have tried my level best to make you understand to fix this issue ‘This video is not available in your country’ by using Google translator.
NOTE:- Still if you are not able to unblock videos, then you can simply changing the language and then try. Again , if you are not able then to write down the comment below.

#6. Youtube proxy

Previously or in above procedure  we are got to know that how we can fix this problem ‘this video is not available in your country’. Now you could do this i.e; to unblock the blocked videos by using youtube poxy. At first, you need to change your computer system proxy. For change the proxy read the post given below:

>>> youtube proxy <<<

Fix this video not available in your country. 

you are seeing a youtube video tutorial on your screen. In this video, you are able to get information about how to watch blocked videos.

Wrapped up

Thanks , for seeing and watching my posts. You have made me appreciated that you have come to my blog and watched my posts. For this, I am very thankful to you. I have tried my level best to fulfill your requirement of information about this issue ‘How to unblock the block videos’.  Thank you so much for watching this.
Hope you have like it . If you have seen any type of  issues in my posts then you can tell me by writing in the comment section or if you want to ask something you are always free.
And after that if you like it. Then please share this post in social media along with your friends.

youtube unblocker for unblock youtube video | youtube unblocker

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               youtube unblocker for  unblock youtube video

Welcome, you guys at youtube unblocked . Thank you   so much for landing on this post  at this blog. So , here in this post, I will deal with youtube unblocker .  we have already known of it that youtube is no. 1 streaming site for watching online videos. Here you can watch all types of useful videos . But , suppose if the youtube is blocked off your residence , then how you will get yourself manage to unblock it.

 For this , You have to you with youtube unblocker. Through this, you will get to manage yourself to unblock the youtube and watch any video on it whom you want to open. So you will be able to get best youtube unblocker throughout of the post to unblock youtube.


We have seen that Now a day’s at many places like schools , colleges , office and somewhere else , the youtube is blocked . There are many reasons behind .  The increase in productivity of people is the reasons and some more reasons like privacy or other concerns. First of all, you have to read about the censorship of youtube .

  To get more clear about the reasons . Now , that’s enough discussion will not be  better on this issue , That why youtube is blocked at school , offices or somewhere else . let’s try to get some youtube unblocker to unblock it .

 Suppose , if in your country , in your school , college workplace or else anywhere , you have an urgent work . Suppose  you have to watch tutorial videos , lectures of teachers of teachers videos on youtube on anything else . then how you will manage yourself to escape out from this situation.

So , the question asked that is there is any way to short out this bad situation. How you can watch the youtube videos online . So , here is the solution that is called youtube unblocker . There are many youtube unblocker which is available all over the internet . They are free to use , you can simply unblock the youtube by using them . Then after you will be able to watch online videos on youtube which are banned from watching .

Youtube unblocker

I have to tell you that by using youtube unblocker , you will be able to unblock the youtube . But on another way , the question arise in your mind that what is it .  youtube unblocker is a kind of a script or software which is hosted and available on the website .

 So , after visiting there you can simply unblock the youtube. And you can also be able to watch blocked videos on youtube . So , youtube unblocker , if just might be a chrome extension , Maybe the firefox add-on . Nowadays , Some apps for unblocking youtube are available . Hence  , here in this post, we will deal with various kind of youtube unblocker . 

As  we have discussed earlier that youtube is banned and blocked in the various country . but you might  know that the software developers and internet geeks find their way to watch the blocked videos on youtube . So ,  now we discussed what is youtube unblocker exactly .

It is a kind of web apps , from here you can youtube video watch easily , which is banned and blocked . So , youtube unblockers are very useful in watching blocked videos, in any case , youtube unblocker  helps to unblock youtube .

 In also the emergency case , you can use it to watch videos. I am going to list out some of the best youtube unblockers , which will give you an ease way through which you will unblock the youtube and able to watch videos which are banned on it .

1.       Youtube unblocker . org / to unblock youtube video this is one of the best websites . you will be able to easily unblock the youtube website. You can able the all the youtube video in all of the blocked countries through this website  . youtube unblocker website has quite simple design . From , this you will be able to unblock facebook at your school.

 E-buddy and Myspace  unblocked , these are also the trustworthy  website for unblocking the blocked videos on youtube . from this website you will get various youtube unblocker proxy to get your unblocked videos.

How to unblock youtube ?

After these all things , a question will hit in your mind that how you would be able to unblock youtube by using youtube unblocker .

So , for this question , I am going to provide you some steps through you will be able todo it. I have tried my best to give you very easier and simple steps So that you can easily get unblocked videos . To  unblock youtube , just follow the given below steps :-

1.       At first, you have to open the internet browser.
2.       Then proceed to site
3.       On the homepage , at the bottom menu box , you will see the menu .

4.       Click the youtube , from the menu now your youtube is open and you have unblocked the youtube.
Now finally you have done with youtube unblocked , now you will be able to enjoy youtube in your country .

2. Zenmate / unblocked – youtube/ the zen mate is the well known and very popular VPN , it is simply well known due to its proxy . It is best known among all the extensions in chrome and firefox . you can simply  unblock the youtube . this website provides you premium version , but you can also get the trial version , which is free of course .

Personally  , from last two years, I am using zen mate because youtube is blocked at my college . so , to escape out from this situation , I had searched for some youtube unblocker and then after I got it . firstly , I have used it the trial version for free and then after few months  , I have shifted to the premium one .

How to unblocked youtube using zenmate. ?

1.       Go to the
2.       Two option you will get , one for the trial and another one for the premium .

3.       If you want to use it for free then go with trial one .

4.       Here you need to resistor or account and then you will proceed further to unblock your youtube.

That’s it you have now successfully  unblocked your youtube.

How to unblock youtube

Here is the video tutorial that how you will get manage to unblock the youtube videos .  Also ,  read a guide on “wiki how” for knowing “how to unblock youtube in a country” .

Wrapped up

I am very pleased and thankful to you for being this post . In this , I have shared some best steps to unblock youtube with you . I have also discussed some youtube unblocker and tried my level best to make you understand about it . through these youtube unblocker at , you will be able to get blocked videos easily on youtube without any hassle .

 I hope you have liked this post , so please don’t forget to share this one on your social media with your friends . whether , if you have any doubt , you can simply comment in the comment section . I will definitely  do my best to short out your problem . till then that’s it from me . thank you so much ,


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